About Sapa

Going back to our Peruvian roots, Sapa means the Emperor, the Only One. Considered to be a descendant of the Gods, the Sapa was the ruler of the Inca Empire, the one of the highest powers, and the one that gathered all the riches of the world.

Just like its ancient deity, Peru’s cuisine is about taking the best that the world has to offer and mixing it with its own culture and traditions. Thus we bring to you SAPA, a true Peruvian restaurant with exemplar fusion cuisine and a versatile as well as unique Pisco cocktail bar and lounge that is certain to conquer even the most demanding palates.

Located at the old Zinc in Sodeco, the 100-year-old villa has been redesigned to bring you optimum comfort and coziness in a setting that is as authentic as it is contemporary. Mixing nature’s most beautiful elements with the modernism of its architecture and design, the restaurant, the bar and our outdoor gardens leave up to you the selection of atmosphere for your evening.

SAPA welcomes you every night starting 7 pm for weeklong live entertainment. Join us and experience the performance of our exclusive bands and DJs for a one of a kind ambiance that will transport you and all your senses.

Whether you are here for a cocktail or the gastronomy, SAPA is certain to conquer even the most demanding palates.

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